Karen Eberhardt – Hatha Yoga

My own yoga practice has motivated me to learn and grow in new ways as a result of working through the pain & discomfort of several physical and emotional challenges I have experienced.  I truly believe we all have the ability to strongly influence our own health & well-being. Yes, you have the power to let go of what is no longer serving you and choose what will propel you towards the future you desire!   Simply put, Yoga is an amazing tool to guide you through just about anything life brings your way!

I honor & respect that each student is unique and we are all on our own journey at different places.  Attending one of my classes includes safe alignment cues and mentoring, relaxation, rejuvination, ways to nurture yourself while also experiencing a wide variety of poses to work on strength and flexibility with guidance that will encourage you to invoke your curiosity to safely explore while expanding and evolving.   Additionally, we focus on our breath to release toxins from the body, bring a sense of calm to our minds and spirit all from a place of a non judgemental observer.  Consciously exploring from this place of peace, in the present moment, you may choose to simply enjoy the relaxation benefits or take the opportunity to dive deeply into self discovery, potentially revealing more of what brings you inner harmony  and well being. 

Come join us for an hour yoga practice to embrace pure acceptance, reduce stress and enjoy peace and relaxation.


Irene Hauta – Gentle Yoga

Hello North McIntyre Rec Centre Members,

My yoga journey began at age 16 when I purchased ‘the complete illustrated book of yoga’ by Swami Vishnu Devananda.  Surprisingly I would be required to use the same book 24 years later in my teacher training in the Bahamas. The training  was spiritually, mentally and physically arduous to say the least.

Fast forward to 2021, I’ve been graced with the opportunity to instruct yoga in Thunder Bay for 20 years. I’m passionate about yoga. ‘The practice’ as it’s called, will give great quality to your life.

When you come to class you will have a one hour ‘retreat.’ An hour to retreat inwards.  To slow down.  To catch your breath, calm your mind, and soften body tension.

There’s never any pressure to do any of the moves.  We do a mix of gentle body awakenings with an occasional dash of strengthening.

My motto is ‘do what you can ‘ … you’ll be pleasantly surprised after a short period of ‘practising’.  Yoga is for every – body .

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