Hello North McIntyre Rec Centre Members,

I’ve always used art to express myself, even as a child I enjoyed drawing and doodling – getting lost in all the shapes and colours. 

In 2012 I was going through a difficult time, and began painting my furniture. I needed to change my environment, but I couldn’t afford to buy all new stuff. I fell in love with giving my pieces a new life. Every piece I transformed was transforming me. After painting nearly everything I owned, and with the encouragement and support of my friends and family, in 2015 I created Shannon’s Painted Pieces. I also began putting on painting workshops at Paro Presents, which is also where I volunteer and sell my work. 

Last Fall I was introduced to Neurographic art through a course my friend was teaching on Goal setting using IFS (Internal Family Systems). I fell in love with this transformational art. This unique form of self expression combined with mindfulness, allows me to process and bring balance to my life. It’s a great way to clear your mind, release anything you need to, and even transform pain into beauty. It’s really simple, and easy to do, and requires no real artistic skill or talent. Just a willingness to start, and see where it takes you.     

Art continues to transform my life, and I am passionate about showing others how it may transform theirs as well.

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