Board of Directors:


President – Carolyn Simerson

My name is Carolyn Simerson and I am currently the President at North McIntyre Rec Centre.  I have been involved with the rec centre for the past 3 years. 

I first got involved with the rec centre shortly after moving to Thunder Bay from southern Ontario with my husband and two small boys (now 8 and 5).  We were new to the community and I wanted to get involved while hoping to get to know fellow community members. 

As the President of North McIntyre I see my role being to ensure that we are able to offer diverse activities/events for all generations.  I want our community to be able to drive past our centre and say “Wow! It looks like something awesome happening in there, and I wonder how I can get involved.”  I would like our centre to be a place where people can come with their families and know they can participate in activities, knowing it’s not going to cost them an arm and a leg to do so.  I would like our centre to be a warm, safe place where members can come inside and enjoy laughs and fun times with friends and family.  I would like our centre to be a place where my children will look back when they are older and say that they really have a lot of great memories spent there.

I enjoy being outdoors with my family and we enjoy camping whenever the opportunity arises.  In my down time I enjoy crafting, playing games, snowmobiling, boating and pretty much anything that is guaranteed to make me laugh.   

If we have not yet met, please make sure to say hello the next time you are at the centre.  

Vice President – Lori Perozak-Broennle

Treasurer – Bev Benedek

Hi, my name is Bev Benedek, and I am on the Board of Directors for North McIntyre Recreation Centre in the position of Treasurer for the 2019/2020 year.  My husband, Alex and I moved to Thunder Bay in June 2017 from the Orillia area to be closer to my daughter and her family.  Being new to the area I was interested to join the North McIntyre Rec Centre to learn more about my new community and get involved. 

I enjoy meeting new people and being involved in the activities that are going on in the Centre.  We have meet a number or great people and love seeing the smiling faces of young and old during the various activities whether it’s Bingo, Family fun nights, specific individual activities, and the Winter Carnival.  I have learned about Perogies, (and I love them), Wood Carving, Self Defense for Seniors, Crafting, and Pickleball.  I hope my input into the daily running of the Centre is helpful to the community.


Dan Baxter

Wendy Currie

Wendy lives in the community and looks forward to working with the Board and members to help grow both the awareness and involvement in our Recreation Centres activities.

Wendy is also actively involved in our Quilting Group and is always interested in encouraging other quilters or want to be quilters to join in!

Tara Dayton

Office Staff:

Charlene Rogers
Programs, Marketing and Facilities Coordinator

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