“My Bridal shower was held here on the weekend. The space was beautiful and was perfect. We were in the main floor room, had about 30 people and it was a great size. Charlene was so accommodating and worked around our schedule to meet up. I would highly recommend it!!” ~ Lauren S.

“I enjoyed volunteering at Breakfast with the Easter Bunny last year and, this year, I was able to enjoy it as a ticket holder, with my family and friends. Each year has gotten better & I’m confident that next year will be no different. I also recently attended the annual 2-bit auction at North McIntyre and I wasn’t disappointed. It was well organized, a fun way to spend time with family and friends, the cheesecake was yummers and the proceeds go to a great cause, North McIntyre Community Centre! Great job to the volunteer Board of Directors, the staff and the volunteers that put their time and effort into organizing these events and everything else you do at the Centre. Great job 🙂 ” ~ Rae-Ann M.

“Great place, great people and great events! The more community members that participate here the better it is! Great community event today and so happy to see so many people out!” ~ Danielle J.

“I went to play the Meat bingo. Had a great time. Ate an order of perogies (YUM) and a hamburger. Good food, very affordable and run by wonderful volunteers.” ~ Rosal J.

“I had my daughter’s birthday party in the upstairs room. It was perfect and the kids and adults had a great time.” ~ Maarit W.

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