During this stressful time, it’s good to know there are places you can turn to for information and help. Below are a few resources we’ve collected. If you know of others that could be added to this list, please let us know.


Northern Hearts offered a free Webinar called “Coronaphobia”

Coronaphobia is a mental health condition whereby people develop an unhealthy fear of contracting COVID-19 and this fear causes poor functioning in their daily lives impacting their mental well-being and potential heart health.

In an effort to decrease heart disease and improve the mental health of the community during the pandemic, Northern Hearts offered a free webinar titled “Coronaphobia”.

The webinar was part of our “Virtual Talk with Doc” series and was held on Zoom, January 27, 2021.

Dr. Meaghan Labine, MD, MSC, PhD, CCFP from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine spoke about how the fear of contracting COVID-19 impacts our daily lives and offered recommendations on how individuals can protect their mental health during the pandemic.

To view a recording of the Webinar please click HERE.


COVID-19 and your mental health
by Mayo Clinic Staff

Worries and anxiety about COVID-19 and its impact can be overwhelming. Social distancing makes it even more challenging. Learn ways to cope during this pandemic. …read more

How the Pandemic Impacts Children’s Mental Health
by Children’s Mental Health Ontario

We know that the pandemic has been challenging for most families, but it has been especially hard on those families with children struggling with mental health.

In Return to School During COVID-19: Considerations for Ontario’s Child and Youth Community Mental Health Service Providers, Children’s Mental Health Ontario and its partner, Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, report on how the pandemic is impacting the mental health of children, youth, and their families. The report also outlines existing evidence on the mental health impacts of previous outbreaks and school transitions to help us better understand how COVID-19 may affect children, youth and families in the longer-term. …Read More.

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